the list below is compiled from a few different records seen via the GreenWay website
(I am really surprised about the sightings of some of these birds and I guess I will need to travel further along the GreenWay to spot more) 

this cheeky adolescent was found all season on my "Dolly Parton" grevillea

rainbow lorikeet*
white faced heron* in my suburban backyard a few times
masked lapwing*
sacred kingfisher
noisy friarbird
white brow scrub wren
grey butcherbird*
golden whistler
willie wagtail*
common sparrow* one pair at Haberfield shops Dec 2011       
common starling*
red rumped parrot *
intermediate egret
little black cormorant
silver gull*
little pied cormorant
dusky morhen
figbird* 2016
common koel*
sulphur crested cocky*
red wattle bird*
peewee or magpie lark*
little corella*
welcome swallow*
yellow-tail black cockatoo * 2011
brown goshawk
olive backed oriole
musk lorikeet
scaley breasted lorikeet
rock dove*
superbfruit dove
crested pigeon*
eastern spinebill
royal spinebill
black winged stilt
eastern rosella
black shouldered kite
Australian reed warbler
fairy martin*
chestnut teal
pacific black duck
superb fairywren*
spotted turtle dove*
rufous night heron
little wattle bird*
noisy miner*

Australian raven*
Pied currawong*
common myna*
tawny frogmouth*2011 - unfortunately bullied off her nest
new holland honeyeater* 12/10/11 my first sighting in Haberfield

black faced monarch
black faced cockooshrike
white plumed honeyeater
spangled drongo
channel-billed cuckoo* 

* Birds I have spotted 

more info on each species can be found via the link list