greenway weeds spotted during the working bees in the bushcare sites provided by the GreenWay Sustainability Project...

Waratah Mills
Ehrharta, Cobblers Pegs, Fleabane, Slender Celery, Prickly Lettuce, Wild Oats, Prairie Grass, Chickweed, Petty Spurge, Rye Grass, Burr Medic, Cudweed, Onion Weed (tops only) and Paddy’s Lucerne, Celtis, Camphor Laurel and African Olive seedlings.

Pigott St & Davis St
Vetch, Chickweed, Cobblers Pegs, Erharta, Madeira Vine, Morning Glory, Catsear, Moth Vine, Paddy’s Lucerne seedlings, Bromus, Plantain, Fennel, Cleavers, Dandelioin, Sow Thistle. Scotch Thistle, Shepherds Purse, Flickweed , Dock, Woodsorrel, Clover, Purple Top, Mallow, Native Carrot (maybe?). 

Davis St
Turkey Rhubarb (removed both seeds and tubers), Asthma Weed, Cobblers Pegs, Blackberry Nightshade

Cadigal Reserve
Conyza, Ehrharta, Bromus, Poa annua, Briza minor, Cleavers, Chickweed.
Cudweed, Bidens, Ehrharta.

Richard Murden
Prickly Lettuce, Dandelion, Moth Vine, Privet seedlings, Celtis seedlings, African Olive seedlings, Blackberry Nightshade Crows Foot, Ehrharta, Summer Grass, African FeatherGrass, Fat Hen, Fleabane