greenway playhouse

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daily free workshops/playtime
20 October - 6 November 2011
Paper Plane Gallery
727 Darling St Rozelle
Thurs - Fri 12- 6pm
Sat - Sun 11- 4pm

What is it all about....
getting together to celebrate and explore ideas about sustainability, connection in our urban neighbourhood and finding pleasure in our GreenWay environment through creative and playful interaction.  For Big and little kids!

In the Paper Plane Gallery....
the installation will be made up of all our pictures/words drawn on "swingtags" that reflect everything about our Greenway. 
It could include local and introduced flora and fauna, or samples of our everyday living like litter!
These will be hung by you or me in the gallery space where we can add, remove or rearrange elements to our liking to represent all possibilities. The work is vulnerable to the player and each piece a small world in itself but still playing its role in the final design. 

                                                                     common garden skink by Emeka Iriele

What you can do to be a part of this collaborative project....

1. Come along to the gallery during opening hours or to the workshops to find out more.

Or  you can make the art work at home by rifling through your recycling bin. 
We are using in the gallery and at workshops donated offcut card and paper

some are painted white and cut to the size roughly 1/3 of A4 .... 21 x 10 cm

NOW draw or paint or write, simply or complex, one image of something that belongs or is connected to the GreenWay. This could be a weed that grows in your garden, your favourite bird or the bird that annoys you!, your pet dog or bicycle that gets you along the GreenWay. 

next.. bring your artwork along to the Paper Plane Gallery and add it to our GreenWay story.

Keep plugged in here at the blog or visit the gallery to see the results!