Sunday, October 30, 2011

ampling sampling

Spot the sketches by Frank Pierce, Santo Caggegi, unfortunately hidden here is Xavier Ghazi's too who are a few Artists@Ashfield. Thank you for the diagrammatica egg, Oliver McKenzie who is soon to be exhibiting at the Paper Plane Gallery in December.

Friday, October 28, 2011

many hands, many tags

Claude Jones at work... (her beautiful artwork is also starring in Monkey Business at Artereal only a few doors down..check out her blog)  ....firstly we need to master the ladder.

Back to the opening night to show off some of the yummy food provided and arranged by Nic and Samira. 

Creativity continued all night as people rolled in to discover their favourite pieces and then add their own work. 

In the Greenway Playhouse we now have one by our local MP Jamie Parker who had time to talk and express his ideas via the swingtag.

Several of us stayed late into the evening discussing much about life. Most enjoyable.

Thank you to everyone who helped put the show together so far.... special mention to Nic and her posse, Claude, Gail, Nis, Samira, Brian, Flic, Ali and Kerry 

Thanks also to the suppliers of all the donated paper and card offcuts:  Amazing Papers, Monica of Bibliotheca Librorum apud Artificem (!), Australian natural Timber Framing and Andrew Bassett Fine Framing  (local and generous framers)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

take notice

If you would like to join the team of volunteers, you can make contact  at    Read more here

Best to see in the real Cathy Abadie's winning Miniature I at the GreenWay Arts Exhibition,  Art Est Studio and Art School on until the 30th. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

botanical love

A favourite and beautiful work from the opening night (thanks NP).
More pics to come but must now attend to the tidying up!

A big thanks to my friends, old and new, for coming last night and adding your unique touch to the project!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art Est and Paper Plane

Last night was the opening of the Greenway Arts Exhibition at Art Est Art School in Leichhardt. The detail above is from one of my entered works and the lovely director Jennifer McNamara gave me an area during the night to invite people to draw for Greenway Playhouse... here is a couple of favourites. They are now hanging at Paper Plane Gallery  waiting to be viewed by their creators at the opening tomorrow night.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

festive plus

What a huge day and a scorcher! First artist of the day is poking through our magnificent display of Kangaroo Paw and Red Bottlebrush from our gardens - they are incredible Aussie plants! 
A great turn out of art makers joining our tables in the GreenWay Eco Village (first day of the GreenWay Festival) at the Summer Hill Grand Food Bazaar. Thanks to my bestie for either being me or my sidekick. Photo 3. (below) I have named Mr & Mrs Recycled who are often seen glamouring up sustainability Fests. 
There were many works and words made expressing feelings about the GreenWay and it would keep me up all night to blog every one here... so posting a small sample off the top of the pile...... and will try to do some more in following posts. Thanks everyone for your beautiful contributions!!! and I look forward to seeing you all at the opening!

Friday, October 21, 2011

trees puddles critters

Lot of fun and a lot of great drawings created today by local artists... Bianca (above also includes her sisters Aoife and Niamh's trees), Cassidy with his sunny and rainy GreenWay days, Elkie's rainbow and Isla's sensitive skink. A popular work with visitors today is this central tree-hybrid inkjet print on acetate by Melbourne artist Aneta Bozic (above).... thanks everyone.