Thursday, March 3, 2011

flotsam and jetsam

today's finds...

For a while I have been gleaning along the greenway - an urban green corridor that runs from Iron Cove, a bay on Parramatta River, through the inner west of Sydney to the Cooks River in Earlwood. Actually I only walk along the one end... that is from Hawthorne canal to Cardigal Reserve in Summer Hill. I am quite excited to do the rest but it will probably be by bike as its on the road for the rest of the way to the Cooks River. A great description of this greenway and others around the world can be found via Friends of the Greenway.

One of the things I collect is the discards of our everyday living from local council throw outs to roadside litter with the intention of making some art from it.

more to show and tell later....

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