Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Insight Out of Sight

Last night was the announcement of the winners of the  Insight Out of Sight competition - a Leichhardt Council initiative with their Community Development Officer Bronwyn Tuohy. First place winner captured above at Birchgrove Oval was by the charming Neil Tomkins. The idea is to invite artists of all sorts to bring colour and interest to traffic signal boxes that are often covered in snoresville tagging. Why I know so much (my reward on left) was because I was given the honour of being one of the judges for this year and I have always been such a fan of this fun approach to liven our streets. Please have look around or at the link above.... and maybe you would like to enter next year?

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Carole Reid said...

The city of Nanaimo, BC, Canada hired an artist to paint all the electrical boxes with murals. It is such a nice change from the boring grey!