Friday, April 22, 2011

golden orb weavers - the bold and beautiful

Overlooking the newly weeded and replanted native site at Cardigal Reserveare five bold and beautiful female Golden Orb Weaving Spiders. Not only do they have a lovely view but seem to have a stronghold by a layered and interwoven positioning so no chance for any flying critters (sorry, it was hard to capture this effect on camera). Below, the golden sheen of the web is more noticeable. This non aggressive spider often shares or allow other spiders to build off their own  - how wonderful is that!

Information here is sourced from Sue Stevens, the Landcare Supervisor of the GreenWay Sustainability Project 
and the Australian Museum provide a great factsheet.

* for existing bushcare sites please have a look here at IWEG

and the natives recently planted here include wonga wonga vine, blue flax lily, pink spider grevillea and native indigo 

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