Saturday, April 9, 2011

Symposium, Lecture and Exhibition

Tin Sheds Gallery
April 7 - 30th 2011

During this weekend at the University of Sydney is      

'Right to The City is an exhibition, symposium and publishing project that brings together a series of artistic, theoretical and philosophical escape plans. These escape plans range from the whimsical to the more serious, and present real or imagined ways of reinventing life in our cities.'

for more information please look at the link above and  the     
Tin Sheds site.

Clicking onto Joni Taylor's DIY Urbanism: Sydney Reconsidered The Remnant Emergency Artlab have a project where the Botanical Gardens are extended with the aim to provide possible new roosting area for the flying foxes that are currently and unintentionally devastating the trees at the Botanical Gardens.

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