Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weed Workshop

'A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows' --Doug Larson--
sourced from weedbook Sydney on facebook

at Richard Murden Reserve, Haberfield...  my distraction on our walk were the many species of fungi and mushrooms

We had fun and all done before the rain....
first part: Adam West, the Biodiversity Officer of the GreenWay Sustainability Project, gave an indepth coverage concerning weeds in a one day workshop provided for free. Glad to discover that I have been pulling out in my garden (can now relax my vigor!)  a native ground cover Commelina cyanae thinking they were the weed trad for short (or wandering jew/ creeping christian)   Tradescantia fluminensisThe second part of the day was out in the field at Richard Murden Reserve to along the Hawthorne Canal of the GreenWay. Sue Stevens, the GreenWay Landcare Supervisor pointed out the various weeds and natives in the bush care sites inspiring great interest from the workshop group.  I also saw my first real female fig bird ... so what a bonus! 

native ground cover Commelina cyanae 

Some GreenWay weeds covered during the day included
      Ehrhata erecta
      Bidens pilosa
      fleabane   Conyza sumatrensis
      blackberry nightshade   Solanum nigrum
     turkey rhubarb   Acetosa sagittata
       moth vine   Araujia hortorum
      fat hen  Chenopodium album
      madeira vine   Auredera cordifolia

and noxious weeds focused on during the workshop included
      •       Lantana camara
       Castor oil plant   Ricinus communis
       Asthma weed   Parietaria judaica
       Prickly pear  Cylindropuntia species
       Broad leaf Privet   ligustrum lucidium
       Narrow leaf privet   ligustrum sinense
       Camphor laurel   Cinnamomum camphora
       Tradescantia fluminensis

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