Friday, October 28, 2011

many hands, many tags

Claude Jones at work... (her beautiful artwork is also starring in Monkey Business at Artereal only a few doors down..check out her blog)  ....firstly we need to master the ladder.

Back to the opening night to show off some of the yummy food provided and arranged by Nic and Samira. 

Creativity continued all night as people rolled in to discover their favourite pieces and then add their own work. 

In the Greenway Playhouse we now have one by our local MP Jamie Parker who had time to talk and express his ideas via the swingtag.

Several of us stayed late into the evening discussing much about life. Most enjoyable.

Thank you to everyone who helped put the show together so far.... special mention to Nic and her posse, Claude, Gail, Nis, Samira, Brian, Flic, Ali and Kerry 

Thanks also to the suppliers of all the donated paper and card offcuts:  Amazing Papers, Monica of Bibliotheca Librorum apud Artificem (!), Australian natural Timber Framing and Andrew Bassett Fine Framing  (local and generous framers)

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