Sunday, October 23, 2011

festive plus

What a huge day and a scorcher! First artist of the day is poking through our magnificent display of Kangaroo Paw and Red Bottlebrush from our gardens - they are incredible Aussie plants! 
A great turn out of art makers joining our tables in the GreenWay Eco Village (first day of the GreenWay Festival) at the Summer Hill Grand Food Bazaar. Thanks to my bestie for either being me or my sidekick. Photo 3. (below) I have named Mr & Mrs Recycled who are often seen glamouring up sustainability Fests. 
There were many works and words made expressing feelings about the GreenWay and it would keep me up all night to blog every one here... so posting a small sample off the top of the pile...... and will try to do some more in following posts. Thanks everyone for your beautiful contributions!!! and I look forward to seeing you all at the opening!

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