Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Curating Cities Project

Slow Art Collective

at Object :

Try This At Home

8 OCTOBER 2011 – 8 JANUARY 2012
In October, Object’s Project Space is transformed into a cosy yet unusual lounge room for Try This At Home, which invites us to consider the way in which we are each designing the future by our everyday actions – from the products we use to the resource-use patterns of our daily life, and the truly confronting notion that the key material we are designing with is time itself. Artists, designers and collectives including CO2penhagen (Denmark), Haque: Design + Research (UK), Magnificent Revolution Australia, Makeshift (Australia) and the Slow Art Collective (Australia) present examples of adaptive practice in which existing resource use is re-directed for more sustainable outcomes.
Margaret Farmer from the National Institute for Experimental Arts curates as part of the Curating Cities project.
Utilising abandoned objects left by local residents for council pick-up, the Slow Are Collective (Dylan Martorell, Tony Adams and Chaco Kato) present an installation made from household refuse and document the hidden world of fellow jumble scouts, who collect and repurpose these discarded items. Some of the result shown above...
read more here and please take a look as Makeshift for example have a few other related projects around Sydney that may tickle your fancy.....

and another interesting show that is touring:         click here for link

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